How much does it cost to build a new Crust store?

Store fit out and Equipment will vary from site to site, as a guide a new store will cost between $150,000-$450,000+ GST. This does not include the applicable Initial Franchise Fee, or other establishment fees or costs (Note. You should refer to the Franchisor’s Disclosure Document for further information regarding the establishment costs of a Crust store. Further, we provide this information as a guide only, as the actual charges will be dependent only many factors, such as the extent to which the site is capable of adopting & implementing the Crust System & whether any site modifications are required.)

Can I own more than one Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar?

Yes, many of our Franchisees are multi-site operators. To be eligible, you must operate the franchise for 12 months and satisfy our “Multi Store Operator Suitability Criteria”.

What operational support will Crust give me?

The network of Crust stores are supported by a field operation team and a comprehensive training platform. All new Franchise Partners undergo five weeks training. Additional support includes marketing and advertising assistance and new product development. Our people are always available to answer your queries via email, telephone and after-hours emergency numbers.

Does Crust have a strong Marketing Program?

Every Franchise contributes to a marketing fund that is used to run programs ranging from updates or expansion of POS and social media, to broadcast (TV and radio), direct response, digital and outdoor advertising, along with activations such as branded pop-up stores at local events. 

What kind of experience would make me a qualified applicant?

Obviously, applicants who have managed people in the restaurant industry or the pizza delivery business are especially well prepared for the work required. Retail managers, or those who have retail business experience, also have very useful skills. While such experience is helpful, it is not a requirement. Most people in the restaurant business today came from totally unrelated fields. Our extensive training program, and ongoing guidance, prepares you to manage and operate your own store.

How much can a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar store earn?

The amount of money you may earn depends on many factors, including how well you manage your store and control variable costs, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment and other unique circumstances. As a new Franchisee, it is important to have realistic expectations about the initial income you’ll be earning.

What is a bank guarantee?

This is essentially a bond you pay to the Landlord as security over the tenancy. This would be refunded to you by the Landlord at the end of your lease subject to meeting the terms and conditions of your agreement.

What is a Landlord contribution?

This is a financial rebate or incentive the Landlord may have agreed to contribute towards the costs of the construction of the fitout of the tenancy. It is generally payable upon completion of your new store build. This is not offered by every Landlord on every deal. You should refer to the terms which are specific to your store.