• Q: How much does a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar cost?
    A: Equipment and set-up costs will vary from site to site. Our classically simple décor and streamlined operation makes the outlay uncomplicated and cost effective.As a guide, a franchise – from initial set-up to being fully operational – will cost between $375,000 and $450,000 excluding GST, including the initial franchise fee.
  • Q: What about financing a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar?
    A: The benefits of becoming a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Franchisee are that as a successful business, most lenders see Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar as a sound commercial and business model. We have access to several competitive lenders you can talk to.
  • Q: Where can I open a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar?
    A: We are eager to open franchises in every capital city of Australia and we are growing fast. If you feel you have the right location, please call us.
  • Q: Can I own more than one Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar?
    A: Yes. Many of our Franchisees are multi-unit operators.This is the greatest indicator that there is a strong degree of satisfaction among Franchisees.
  • Q: What operational support will Crust give me?
    A: Crust provides ongoing support and training at all times. All new Franchisees undergo four weeks training at Head Office in QLD. Additional support includes marketing and advertising assistance and new product development. Our people are always available for queries and questions that need to be answered via email, telephone and after-hours emergency numbers.
  • Q: Does Crust have a strong Marketing Program?
    A: Every franchise contributes to a marketing fund that is used to run programs that range from radio, direct mail and outdoor advertising to branded pop up stores at local events.
  • Q: What kind of experience would make me a qualified applicant?
    A: Obviously, applicants who have managed people in the restaurant industry or the pizza delivery business are especially well prepared for the work required. Retail managers, or those who have retail business experience, also have very useful skills. While such experience is helpful, it is not a requirement. Most people in the restaurant business today came from totally unrelated fields without any intention of owning a restaurant. Our extensive training program and the ongoing guidance from our management team prepares you adequately to manage and operate your own store.
  • Q: Do I have to personally manage my store?
    A: Yes. We are an owner/operator franchise system. At least one partner has to maintain a 50 percent ownership in the operating company and must be involved full-time in day to-day operations.
  • Q: How much can a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar store earn?
    A: The amount of money you may earn depends on many factors, including how well you manage your store and control variable costs, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment and other unique circumstances.  As a new Franchisee, it is important to have realistic expectations about the initial income you’ll be earning and to keep in mind that a gradual process of commitment and effort achieves ongoing success.
  • Q: How long does it take to open a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar store?
    A: On average, it will take 8-12 weeks from the time you sign the Franchise Contract and Lease to the time you open your doors. As with most worthwhile things, it takes a bit of time to find the right site and to organise all details with the local council and all other relevant entities.